Magneto | X-Men Black| 3D Comic Collage Canvas

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Emma Frost Comic collage on 24×36 canvas. One of a kind and made with .925 Silver, real first edition comic pages, and a glow in the dark effect.

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Magneto | X-Men Black| 3D Comic Collage Canvas | Comic2Canvas Jumbo Variant 

Magneto [X-men Black #1 ] x X-Men #2


Have you ever had a comic book that you felt like you just couldn’t live without as a piece of art on your wall?

Introducing the latest piece – the Magneto 3D Comic Collage Canvas! This is the perfect addition to any X-Men fan’s collection, adding style and excitement to any room.

Our skilled artist, Zacharya Starke, has carefully selected iconic moments from the X-Men Black comic book series and brought them to life in breathtaking 3D. The result is a collage that captures the intensity and complexity of the legendary Magneto like never before. The 3D elements add an extra layer of depth and dimension, making this piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a unique and eye-catching work of art that celebrates one of the greatest characters in comic book history. Order the Magneto 3D Comic Collage Canvas today and add some serious X-Men style to your collection!

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