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Custom Variant Cover Services

The Benefits of Variant Covers

It’s no secret that people LOVE variant covers –

Research has shown that they make up nearly half the market of comic books in circulation today, and it’s not hard to see why! From Marvel to DC, after superheroes and costumes, they’re the common thread. Usually meant to commemorate a new release or milestone, variants give publishers a chance to show off a different side of their titles, but also create a buzz and sense of urgency for fans and collectors. And why wouldn’t they? Variants are highly collectible and, unsurprisingly, sell for WAY more!

If they weren’t a guaranteed way to boost comic sales, the big publishers would have left the idea in 1986 with “The Man of Steel” #1.

Variant Cover Services

According to Comichron, where they actively monitor Diamond‘s sales since 1997, Marvel actually managed to cinch the record for highest orders of a single issue comic back in 2015. Not only did they break the record for orders in a single month, with nearly a million copies sold of “Star Wars” #1, but for the year as well.

Variant Cover Services

And that record stands to this day.

This is all thanks to the genius marketing push of variant covers for the release. With variant covers, you can effectively double your sales of the EXACT SAME COMIC! Keeping that in mind, why would you leave this untapped resource to the big guys?

Most Indie and Creator Owned Comics are Crowdfunded

You deserve a variant cover too.

It’s no secret that one of the most difficult steps in getting a Kickstarter or Patreon running is finding reward tiers to promise your potential backers, but making them stand out is nearly impossible.

People want to feel unique – they want to know that they’re getting something exclusive and impossible to find anywhere else. 

So why offer the exact same thing that everyone else does?

By getting your own variant cover, not only do you effectively double your potential backers, but you can set it as a highly limited reward tier reserved exclusively for your biggest fans. 

This achieves three goals:

  1. Sets you apart from the crowd
  2. Lets you identify who is most likely to keep coming back for more
  3. Gives you a highly limited version of your comic to sell at your next convention 

Sounds pretty good, right? What if I told you that it gets even better.

What’s Included With the Variant Cover

When you order a custom variant, it’s not just a cover and vast wealth of marketing opportunities;  it’s a one of a kind canvas – made from the ACTUAL comic. 

Consider it a souvenir, consider it a reward tier; a canvas variant cover is the physical embodiment of all your hard work distilled into a singular piece of art. 

Whatever you choose to do with it, it’s YOURS.

Whether you plan to show it off in your office, or offer it as a super-limited reward tier in your next crowdfunding campaign, you get the satisfaction of knowing that your creation exists as a piece of fine art – and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

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That’s Not All You Get


The custom variant cover includes a print-ready digital copy used for so much more than just a comic book; your variant also acts as a fine-art quality digital print file. This will allow you to make posters as large as 24×36, super rich and detailed postcards, digital downloads, and everything in-between! The Comic2Canvas Instagram will also post, and provide you with, production shots, reels, stories, posts and photos from the start to finish of the project.

All in all, not a bad bang for your buck.

 To summarize, with even the most basic Comic2Canvas variant cover, you get:

  • A print-ready variant cover
  • A virgin-variant cover
  • Digital Print Files
  • Multiple Crowdfunding Reward Tiers
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Website Back-Links
  • New Leads and Followers
  • Bonus Social Media Content 
  • Office Merch Made from your Physical Comic
  • A One of a Kind Piece of Canvas Art made from your Comic

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