Have you ever held that one special comic and wished you could hang it up in your own personal batcave?

What about that killer manga you just finished and couldn’t get enough of?


Here at Comic2Canvas, we believe comics to be this generation’s truest form contemporary art and modern-day mythology.

So why not give it the fine art treatment that it so desperately deserves.

With so many new variants, story arcs, crossovers, tie-ins, reboots, rebirths, reworkings and re-hashings, the comic world is built on an endless plethora of shifting sands. It changes itself; evolves, revolves and expands just when you finally thought you had the lay of the land all figured out.

Sounds stressful, right?

How about this one:

You show up late to new comic book day, only to discover that limited run variant you sprinted out of bed for is already sold out.

So you hit up eBay or Amazon, eat the extortion rates you’ve got to pay to some dude halfway across the continent (if you’re lucky), and to add insult to injury, they’ve probably got an entire stack of them.

Finally, weeks later, it arrives.

Excitedly, you race to the door; snatch it at light-speed and double back to do your unboxing vlog.

You’re as happy as can be – until New Comic Book Day rears it’s fickle head again.

It’s fun, right?

Of course it is! You love the hunt!

Only problem now, it’s probably sitting in a long-box, either yearning for the light of day, or waiting to be graded, catalogued, and finally, forgotten about.

Sounds familiar? It should – we all do it.

Variants are awesome! And as fans and collectors, we FEEL awesome when we manage to actually get our hands on them. There’s something strangely satisfying about holding that one comic that not everybody gets to have.

Now the only problem, there’s a few hundred to a couple thousand fans, just like you, holding that exact same “rare” variant cover.

What if you could be the only one to have that variant?

Let’s take it a step further;

what if you got to actually hang it up and watch your friends squeal in jealousy at the one of a kind comic that ONLY YOU get to have.

In fact, lets crank that up to an 11 and say that one of a kind variant, is ALSO a piece of fine contemporary art.

How awesome would that be?

Well, you’re on the only page in the world that makes that possible.

From custom variants of your favorite comics, to turning your creator owned comic into a print-ready variant of itself – the sky is the limit.

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