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Premium and One of a Kind Graphic Art

EST. 2013

The Ultimate Addition to Any Comic Art Collection!

Do you love comic art, but can’t find the right piece to add to your comic stash?
Well look no further; we specialize in bringing your favorite comic book to life!

SuperHero Wall Art and Home Decor

We do canvas art, home decor, art prints, superhero wall art
and everything in-between!

But we don’t stop at the conventional mediums!
If you’ve got a specific idea in mind for your home, we’ll work with you to bring that one of a kind comic book vision to life!

Whether your a fan of Marvel Comics or DC Comics,
we’ve got comic art you’ve been looking for!

From Comic Book to Canvas !

What’s only thing better than a painting based on your favorite comic book?
A painting made FROM your favorite comic book!

Each piece of original artwork is made with nothing but the finest of comic book pages, premium acrylic paint, and a practiced determination in collage art!
Using a specialized technique that elegantly bonds each comic book panel to canvas for a seamless look and feel, you’d swear that you’re staring at an original painting inspired by your favorite comic book!

Get a Personalised Gift for the Comic Book Lover in Your Life!

Can’t find that personalised gift you’ve been scouring the web for?
Why not have canvas art made from their favorite comic book !
All you need to do is submit the name of the superhero or comic book you want used, and we’ll get to work right away on a piece of original artwork we know you’ll both love!

More Information About Our Process

Established in 2013, StarkeMatter Montreal has been dedicated to the production of fine quality creations since it’s very inception. Each and every single piece is one of a kind and IMPOSSIBLE to recreate. This is the ULTIMATE gift for any comic book fan or appreciator of fine graphic art.
Please note, I am, by definition, a collage artist and claim no ownership of any titles, names, characters or pre-existing art used to create my custom works. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the artists who created these original images and claim no ownership over their copyrighted materials. My works are my own, but only because their works are their own.
I have paid the cover price on each and every image I use, and use only purchased materials. If there is any other way I can do this in an even more respectful manner, please feel free to let me know.


Meet the brains of this operation

El Hefe
    Zacharya Starke

    The Head-Honcho and Mastermind Behind Comic2Canvas!

    Zacharya Starke
    Artist, Writer, Lefty
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